What Question to Ask to Spark Blog Engagement?

To first answer this question let's be clear on the definition of the word engagement. What exactly is engagement as it comes to blogging?

What is Engagement as it comes to blogging?

In combination with blogging the assumption could be that it is all about commenting on a blog post. That is a misconception.


First of all, the meaning of the word engagement (if not used in combination with getting married) is;

"an agreement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time".

So it depends on your goal. What do you want your reader to do? It could be a comment. But it could also be a share, a like, a sale or a subscription to your newsletter service. Or even more essential the actual reading of your blog post. The more engaged the more your reader reads your content. And when your article is good they might want to take the action you want them to make. 

Asking Questions

So now we agree upon the definition (I hope, otherwise leave a comment 😉) let's see how asking questions can help. And what kind of questions to ask?

A question is an encouragement to think and respond. Especially those questions that let your reader reflect on his or her own experience is great. It's not about you, it is about them. 

To know what question to ask you have to know your audience. Or better, your ideal client. What is it they want. What are they going to get out of your blog article? Why should they read your blog post? 

When you know your target audience you know what questions they have. And when you master the skill of asking the right question you can become a conversation starter. On your blog, on social media or through your other media channels like your email newsletter. 

You could ask for:

  • Opinions 
  • How your reader overcame problems you are solving
  • Feedback on your content
  • check
    Their experiences with the subject
  • check
    Start with "did you know" (great for headlines)
  • check
    Their favorites (also great for social media)

But asking questions is only half of the equation..

Unless you are a philosopher and your only goal is to make people think, you also need to provide some answers. How are you the solution for this problem? How can you be the answer to the question?

In marketing terms asking the question increases attention. You know, from the old marketing abbreviation AIDA (attention, interest, dedication, action). A blog post's question takes care of the first 2; attention and interest. That makes people want to read. 

But if your goal is to make people subscribe to your newsletter you need more. You have to give your readers a reason to subscribe. You have to give them valuable information in your blog post first. And more value after subscribing. 

So what is your engagement goal? Do you already have a clear understanding of your audience? Do you know how you can help them? And what questions to ask to attract their attention?

(Hint: download my Ultimate Blogging Checklist to learn more about defining your audience). ✔️