Website Service

Occasionally I help budding entrepreneurs with website stuff. Like setting up the basic pages or a landing page. 

I strongly believe that it's best to be able to manage your own website. You can add your own content 24/7 without needing a "webguy or -girl". There is great freedom in being able to post something right now. And do it yourself. And it is not so hard to learn. Here are the 3 main tools I use creating the website you are on right now: 

Domain Name: Namecheap
No fluff. Just domain names. 

Hosting: Fastcomet
Very good support. Fast websites for affordable pricing. If you just get started with one site you can take the least expensive hosting package (around 5 bucks) to get started. 

Premium theme and plugins: Thrive
This gives you not only the professional look without being technical. It makes creating websites a lot more intuitive and fun than the normal WordPress tools. Most recommended. 

If you like me to guide you through these tools you can book a coaching call here: Coaching Call

And here is what a former client has to say about my website service: