Dirk is certified career coach and helps people create their most desired career. 

Besides coaching Dirk offers online training. It is his mission to help people design a career based upon fulfillment in work and life. He has special expertise in helping generalists with lots of ideas and (sometimes) a lack of focus. 

jack of all trades turned coach

Before he found his calling as a coach and trainer he had a lot of other jobs in several work areas (for example; he worked as a mailman, a soldier and a door to door flower seller). He uses this expertise in his coaching and training. He has a broad interest and he loves to talk just as easy about positive psychologie, modern marketing and soccer. Just to name a few topics. 

Dirk has an enormous talent for coaching, training and facilitating people. He always knows how to aks the right question. Besides that I love to follow his online courses. 

Judith Stal

Mensendieck Therapist

Dirk helped me with my email marketing. Thanks to his online training I can now create and send my own newsletters !

Chris Alfons

Presentation Coach