A 3-Step Process for Always Meeting Your Blogging Deadlines

Do you find it difficult to finish your blog article in time? There are 3 steps you can take to make the job a whole lot easier. You can create them once, and use them forever


Consistency is key as it comes to blogging productivity. But how do you integrate that in this noisy online world? It is all about creating good habits. And using fixed steps will help you develop best practices. These 3 steps will help every blogger out there: 

Create a Blog Content Calendar

First of all make sure you schedule your blog posts ahead of time. How often do you want to create a post? Weekly, monthly? What is doable for you? Also depends on the length of your posts. Make sure it's realistic. Quality is more important than quantity.

Also decide on the specific deadline dates. Again choose a frequency that fits your schedule. But still make it a priority. Balance is important here. 

Also remember that it doesn't have to be perfect (not the same as quality) the first time. You can always come back later to fine tune it (hint: this also has some SEO benefits).

Someone once said; if it's perfect the first time you waited to long to hit publish. As long as it holds value for your reader: publish. A typo is not important. Quality is valuable content. Faultless English is good to have but not as important as the value of the information. 

Create Accountability

There are a lot of tools out there to make sure you reach your deadlines. I for one like to use Trello as my todo app. It's a great app where you can move tasks from one list to another. It's based upon the KanBan system. A Japanese system that uses instruction cards (KanBan's) to manage the work flow.

Not only can you use it as your general todo list, you can also create separate boards for specific tasks. Like creating your blog post.... And there are a lot of apps you can connect to trello. I like to use it in combination with Gmail and google calendar. 


Nothing beats another human being to keep you accountable. Do you have a coach, budding entrepreneur or friend who will want to help you. And is he strict enough to make sure you push through? 

Create a Checklist

When you know what technical steps to take when creating your blog post you can focus on the content. And that is the essential part; the value for your readers.

There are certain steps you can take and templates you can use to make your work (and life) easier. I use a checklist for creating my content. It is part of my "ultimate blogging checklist". You can download it right underneath this post when you sign up for my newsletter as a service

My blogging checklist also contains other useful information. Like how to define your audience. And how to use social media marketing. Once you start blogging you will create your own routine. But you can start to model mine if you like.