Explore. Learn. Share.

No matter if you are looking to become an entrepreneur or designing a fulfilling career. Every change starts with the questions "what drives you". My name is Dirk Renkema and exploration plays a big role in (almost) everything I do. Exploring what drives people. Exploring new trends. And how to combine the two.

I believe that you have the power to orchestrate your business, career and life. By exploring what drives you. To learn and master that talent. And to connect it with the economy. 

Speed and attention are words that describe my coaching and teaching style best. My clients say that I am a good listener and come to the point quickly. That I can easily switch subjects if needed and that there is room for humor. That I am focused towards action and my questions give rise to new ideas.  

Besides 1:1 coaching I create and offer online training about self development, personal branding and productivity. For example here is a link to my online training about self awareness: explore your core