Personal Development
Stay Curious

My name is Dirk Renkema. It is my goal to help curious people design their work and life on their own terms. No matter if you want to build a business, a career or a mix of those 2. 

Why Curiosity?

Curiosity is the single most important quality you need to shape your own future life and work. The effect is that you create more opportunities for growth. Curiosity, or lack there off, is also an indicator to notice if you are moving in the right direction. If you lose interest, it's time to look somewhere else. 

What do I stand for?

Stay Curious is my motto. I have a broad view and an eye for new developments in the area of economy, technology and science. I use that in my coaching and training. I'm an explorer by nature, and like to read and meet people to stay informed. For me, networking equals interesting conversations. Nothing more and, more importantly, nothing less. That way, I build an interesting network. I like to connect people that might be interesting for each other. My curiosity in combination with "the kick" of helping people is my drive to keep on doing that.  

Live to work or work to live?

My definition of work is much more than making a living. The primary goal is to fully use your potential talents to help people. Designing your work is where your talent, your drive and your economic value meet. 

Coaching, Training, Advice

As a professional coach and trainer, I like to help you with the questions; "who am I", "what is my purpose" and "how do I reach my goals". Self-knowledge is the key to primary success. When you do what you like, and you focus upon people or causes you find important, you will automatically create fulfillment in your work and life. For yourself and for others. That is my mission, and that is what you may expect from working with me.