I help coaches create online courses

My name is Dirk Renkema and I love to help coaches and trainers create online courses. With a minimum investment, both in time and money.  I believe that you can start a simple course in less than a month. With zero experience. All you need is a drive to create more value for your clients and an internet connection. 

How can I help you?

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    With the strategic planning, 
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    the course creation
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    and the selling of your online course. 

Why online courses?

You can use an online course to support your live coaching and training. That is an EXTRA for your clients which makes your coaching more valuable. You can also sell the online training as a basic stand alone product. That way you give your potential clients a chance to get to know you better. And they might be enticed to book you as a coach after they have gone through your online course. Lastly its a great way to brand yourself on social media to reach more ideal clients with less effort.    

Live to work or work to live?

I believe that fulfilling work is part of a fulfilling live. Fulfilling work is a combination of talent, passion and creating value for others. Online courses can help you with that by expanding your talents, creating more value and being able to focus on what you are most passionate about.   

How do I work?

I like to specifically help you as a coach because I am one myself. I understand the initial struggles to get started. I also believe that its good to start with the basics. You need an online course to create an online coaching business. A lot of courses are focusing on the marketing. I saw that a lot and experienced that myself. But you need to have a course to sell to be able to leverage your marketing efforts. There is no shortcut. So I advise coaches to start with a simple course first. To learn the process and experience the market. And focus on the marketing later. 

Who am I to help you?

As a professional coach and trainer I helped dozes of coach entrepreneurs with their first steps online. In 2009 I became interested in the possibilities of online courses. But it took me a long time before actually creating and selling my courses. I created my first course in 2012. And since then I tried a lot of different ways to create and sell them, and shared my knowledge with other coaches around the globe. I know what to avoid and I am constantly up to date as it comes to new developments in online learning and marketing. By sharing that with you, you can safe a lot of time when you create your online course. Contact me for a meet and greet through Skype or Zoom when you love the idea of owning your own online course & coaching business 🙂  

Contact me for an introductory meeting through Skype or Zoom.