My name is Dirk Renkema. I help coaches attract their ideal clients through online marketing. Besides coaching and training I have a passion for personal development, entrepreneurship and exploring new stuff in general.

The base of my services is self awareness. You can only create a good website, social media strategy or online training when you start with knowing yourself.

Knowing your market and knowing how to connect with your ideal client is only possible when you know what makes you tick.  

What drives you, what makes you happy and what can you learn from that? That is the essence. And that is what I always keep in mind. Also when I help you with the more practical things like setting up your LinkedIn profile, website or online training. 

As a certified coach and trainer I helped hundreds of people create a more fulfilling career. As a business coach and consultant I helped dozens of coaches around the world with online marketing and creating online courses. Besides that I am a personal development, self awareness and presentation coach and trainer. That is what I like to do. 

Do what you like to do. That is different for everyone. There is only one thing the same for anyone in search of a positive change in life or work.... stay curious, keep on learning and create a growth mindset. 

Are you a coach and do you like to grow when it comes to online business? Contact me for a free strategy call. Hope to speak soon!