would you like to have a pro looking website that helps you market your business on autopilot?

Strategic Wordpress Content

Create a fast & converting Wordpress site

There are 2 potential reasons why this course might be a good fit for your situation: 

  • You like to learn how to make a clean and professional wordpress website from scratch 
  • You like to make your existing website better (faster and better converting)

You will LOVE working with Dirk Renkema. I've made some amazing progress on the wordpress tools and really am enjoying understanding the back end. Excited to build out other dot coms as well!! You are in GREAT hands! :-)

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Hi, my name is Dirk Renkema. Career coach, small business consultant and wordpress fanatic. 

In 2009 I created my first clunky website I wasn’t too proud of. I thought that creating a great looking website was only for professional programmers and designers. I was wrong. Although I still had a long way to go.

I stumbled upon a course on how to create a WordPress website. Although it cost me a while to become fluid at it, and my first site wasn’t looking perfectly clean. It was still a breakthrough for me to know I could control my own digital real estate

Still it cost me years of research to find tools that did the job. Tools that make it easy to build websites with professional design and that, well, just work. And with “just work” I mean technically work; opt-in offers, buy buttons, fast loading times and design with usability and marketing in mind.

End of story? ....nope

Another hurdle was content. More specifically; strategic website content. Creating the content for the most important pages to communicate effectively what I offer. Creating content was never the problem. Creating content strategically was. 

It is a lot easier to build a targeted audience with a site that tells your story, that helps your favorite clients, that filters out who are not your clients, that’s working, that’s looking good and, most of all, a site you’re proud of. 

That is why I created this course. Giving you the opportunity to create a smart professional website that works, for you. 

​I'm looking forward to working with you. 


With wordpress experience since 2010, creating dozens of sites for clients and 3 ecourses about wordpress blogging, landing page creation and security I can safely call myself a wordpress expert. Besides that, as a small business- and career coach I helped dozens of new entrepreneurs create a website that strategically tells their story and automates the client getting process. And as a presentation - and career coach I helped hundreds of people with their on- and offline presence.

What's the outcome?

After going through this course and following all assignments you will have a technically working site that has modern design and you will have a clear picture of how to create strategic website content. Because of the nature of this pilot, the discounted price and the time investment in coaching sessions, there is no possibility to receive a refund.

What's inside?

With “Strategic Wordpress Content” you will get an intensive and fast paced course that will help you create a website from scratch or fix your existing website, making sure it works as it comes to tech, design and strategic content marketing.

There are video lessons and 2 or 3 (depends on your need) laser focused coaching sessions. Besides that you will get unlimited email access to me during the course and, assuming this pilot will successfully lead into an ongoing ecourse, you will be part of a growing blogging community.

As a bonus I will install my favorite wordpress plugin, making creating content a fun and easy process. 

2 x 30 mins coaching calls after week 2, and week 6. ​

6 weeks unlimited (within reason) email coaching

6 weekly video lessons​

Week 1: Overview

Week 2: Your Brand Voice


Week 3: Foundational Pages

​Premium Plugin installed by me: Visual Editor

​Premium Theme installed by me: Thrive Themes

Week 4: Irresistible Offer

Week 5: Strategic Content Plan

Week 6: Wrapping Up